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ANTARIS small wind turbines – a brand-name product from BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH

If you are interested in small wind turbines:

ANTARIS small wind turbines are developed by BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH to the highest level and produced to achieve faultless operation and a technical service life of 20 years and more. We draw on 21 years of experience for this, during which we have supplied more than 1,200 systems.
Our reliability and efficiency is setting standards in the industry.
As there are now some small wind turbines with a similar design available, we would like to point out that when you buy ANTARIS models you can be sure that they are products from BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH.
The ANTARIS brand-name (regarding small wind turbines) is a registered trademark.

If you are not sure that you are buying such a product, please contact us.

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