Südstraße 19 - 57583 Nauroth (Germany) - Fon: +49 (0)2747 / 930585 - Email: info@braun-windturbinen.com

ANTARIS small windturbines working world wide in remote areas

At this site 5 pcs. ANTARIS 9.5 kW are working in remote areas in an hybrid systems with PV and diesel engines as backup.
Each Turbine is working with 1 pcs. 10.0 kW, 3-phased Smartwind Inverter, with 2 dumploads (12.0 kW).
The complete system is working with Victron Energy Inverter as off-grid manager.
4 further projects with 5 Turbines at each site are under progress.
Remarkable for those sites:
There are days with an average windspeed from 20 m/s windspeed! On those sites only Turbines with the ANTARIS quality will survive.
Each Turbine will produce arround 25.000 – 30.000 kWh / year.
If you have questions concerning those projects, please contact us!

Enjoy the wind with ANTARIS Windturbines!

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