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Foundations for a successful use of the ANTARIS Small Wind Turbines

The BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH professionally competent informed about the topic Small Wind Turbines. In this workshop the basics of small wind turbines were first treated generally. Subsequently, individual subjects were deepened, such as approval processes, construction law, protection of species, siting. In the second Part , after the lunch , the ANTARIS wind turbine of the technical manager of the BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH was presented. Here, the development and working with the new Einspeiseumrichtern explained next to the ANTARIS small wind turbine, this was supported by illustrative videos. The presentation and the discussions were held to the highest professional level. Respect and appreciation to all the participants here , of course, received each a handout.

Unfortunately, not all applications will be considered, since the number of participants is limited. The next workshop will take place in April 2014, the exact date we give yet known. We already take into account your appointment now!

ANTARIS small wind turbines – a brand-name product from BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH

If you are interested in small wind turbines:

ANTARIS small wind turbines are developed by BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH to the highest level and produced to achieve faultless operation and a technical service life of 20 years and more. We draw on 21 years of experience for this, during which we have supplied more than 1,200 systems.
Our reliability and efficiency is setting standards in the industry.
As there are now some small wind turbines with a similar design available, we would like to point out that when you buy ANTARIS models you can be sure that they are products from BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH.
The ANTARIS brand-name (regarding small wind turbines) is a registered trademark.

If you are not sure that you are buying such a product, please contact us.

ANTARIS small wind turbine system with new heating controller!

Our new heating controller has successfully passed six month field tests and is now approved for the market.
The innovations relate to a more user-friendly operator software with a touch panel.
The output electronics were improved, combined with an optimum parametrisation of the characteristic curve for the related turbines.
In addition the circuit board cooling was optimised by means of integrated fans, in order to ensure the increased turbine output.
Further info under the heating mode link.

Powerful ANTARIS generator

The ANTARIS 6.0 with an efficient generator is available from 01.07.2011.
The CK 7.5 generator is now the most efficient design that the ANTARIS has ever had.
The rotating speed has been reduced to 345 rpm / 6.5 kW and there is separate cooling for the front bearing bracing.
The housing design is, as previously, made of aluminium and the weight has increased from 50 kg to 57 kg.

ANTARIS treetop wind turbine

Wolfgang Frey, an architect from Freiburg, enters the wind power debate with treetop wind turbines. He installed an ANTARIS 3.5 kW small wind turbine on a Douglas-fir that was 30 metres high as a pilot plant in Freiamt in the district of Emmendingen. A legal loophole in the rules on authorisation makes this possible.

ANTARIS wind turbine generator available as marine version

ANTARIS wind turbine generators are now also available in a marine version:

  • generator housing anodised, primed and double coated;
  • all aluminium parts on the rotor are resistant to sea water, anodised and powder coated;
  • all steel parts are high-temperature galvanised; on request they can also be powder coated in addition;
  • all bolted joints of stainless steel.

Now nothing can stand in the way of using them in tough coastal areas.

Current field tests on ANTARIS wind turbine generators

At present there are two field tests on the small-sized ANTARIS wind turbine generator in Denmark and Austria.

  • field test in Denmark with the ANTARIS 5.5 kW unit 4.40 m and 5.10 m rotor
  • field test in Lichtenegg, Austria with the ANTARIS 3.5 kW unit (3.50 m) and 5.5 kW unit (5.10 m)

On 11.01.2011 the machine in Denmark produced 90 kWh of electricity.

ANTARIS as a turbine for weak wind situations

From the fourth quarter of 2009 ANTARIS will as well be available as a turbine for weak wind with repeller´s diameters of 4.0 to 4.5 meters and 5.5 kW performance.
The construction of the generator is 16-pin, does not have gear and brushes and is free of maintenance and detent torque at 5.5 kW / 12.5 kW.

Naturally ANTARIS turbines of this scale are equally appropriate for heating.

Generators as low-speed motors

By reason of a growing demand for low-speed generators, BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH produces PMG´s reaching 125 VDC at about 50 rpm. The power is 2,5 kW at an overcharge-capability of 100%. They will be available by mid-October 2008.

Windpark in Portugal

In Portugal the first wind park with 40 ANTARIS wind turbines whose operation takes place in parallel with a network is presently developing.
Each machine provides 3,6 kW. Completion is to take place until the end of 2008.


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