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ANTARIS – Wind-powered heating…

…clean and cost-effective!

3.5 kW to 10.0 kW (12.0 kW max.)

This control system features control electronics with wind characteristic management capability. This enables the ANTARIS  to start up from an off-load state with smooth transition to the optimum speed range to achieve the greatest possible heating power output.

For the controller to operate in the proper manner, a heating element must be selected with twice the nominal output of the generator as the voltage can otherwise not be maintained. The 7.0 / 12.0 kW heating element is screwed into a water buffer storage unit, with the higher heating power output and rotor-blade protective positioning serving as additional storm safety net.

Unlike a thermal solar-based system, the ANTARIS harvests most energy in the “cold and windy” time of the year, i.e. when it is also actually needed! However, a combination of both systems in the form of a hybrid plant is altogether worthwhile.

Optionally, you can also combine heating-system with grid-connected operation. When water-tank temperature is reached, automatic soft switch-over takes place and the Windy Boy inverter cuts in.

This control system can be used for all windturbines with 3-phased AC alternators in the 1.0 kW – 10.0 kW output class.
The controll system is matched to the turbine`s specific voltage and power output.


Schaltschema für den Heizbetrieb

Technical Description

  • Connection Thread Heating element: 1 1/2 ” ET
  • Power of the Heating element: 6.0 kW
  • Lenght of Thread 450 mm
  • Alternator DC 500 VDC/24 A DC max. 20.0 kW
  • Alternator short circuit
  • Connection of max. 2 Heating elements total 12.0 kW (or Dumpload)
    with Temperaturesensor
  • Intergrated Fan for Board cooling
  • Characteristic controlled
  • Optional switching between Heating / Grid
  • Voltage supply via Grid (Normal Mode), at Mains failure
    automatically switches over to Alternator supply
  • Visualisation (Touch-Panel)
  • All Settings and Status data via TP
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