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wind inverter

Wind-Inverter with highest quality

The below listed Wind Inverters Power One and Smart!wind are manufactured in Italy and Germany and stand as an European product of the highest quality. We offer you an expert support and assist you in planning your self-made system. Our generators of the CK series are optimally matched to the inverter and vice versa. Use at your home-built small wind turbine, water wheels or co-generation is not a problem.
We deliver the highest quality at a fair price.
Ask us, we will advise you and are pleased doing thatalso in details!

Power One - ABB


Powerrange:  2.0 kW – 12.0 kW
The PVI-3.0/3.6/4.2-TL-W wind turbine inverter is designed with ABB’s proven high performance technology. This dual stage transformerless wind inverter offers a unique combination of high efficiency, installer-friendly design and very wide input voltage range ensuring high energy harvesting. The high speed and precise power curve tracking algorithm allows to best match the power curve of each turbine.

Efficiency of up to 96.8%
The PVI-3.0/3.6/4.2-TL-W features an efficiency up to 96.8 percent thanks to
transformerless technology.
It has power curve customization with high granularity, up to 16-point, for high
production yield.
It is a sealed unit to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

– Single-phase output
– Power curve customization
– Wide input voltage range
– Transformerless technology
– Field-selectable grid standard settings
– Flexible data monitoring options to view inverter performance

Smart!wind - Smart Power Electronics


The feed-in converter smart!wind was designed by SPE especially for small wind turbines (SWT) with a power range from 5.5 to 20 kW. Besides the control functions for a SWT the smart!wind provides several protective functions supporting a safe operation of your SWT. Small hydro plants as well as CHP’s offer additional possible applications. Our feed-in converter is available in the following power classes: SW-5.5, SW-7.5 and SW-10.

Energy provider will be happy about the smart!wind because it holds an entire 3-phase grid coupling with 10 kW and integrated automatical switch (ENS) to disconnect from the mains after VDE-AR-N 4150. As standard the smart!wind provides system services, so as for example an reactive power control, usually only known from the large wind power plant industry.

Additionally the smart!wind is adjustable very easily and flexibly to the respective SWT. Technical efforts and expenses are cut down substantially. If the device should not be adaptable by the designated parameters the software may be changed quickly and flexibly for being programmed by us ourselves. The smart!wind has several energy outlets. Besides the feed-in to the mains there are to mention especially the heating and the battery charge.

Even the basic smart!wind is delivered with a graphical display providing a good overview over the current parameters. As to mention here are for example an energy counter for fed-in and heat energy. The smart!wind has got a switch to stop the SWT as requested in EN 61400-2.

The Sunny Island Series

The all-rounder for high-performance
on-grid and off-grid solutions

Sunny Island 3.0M/4.4M

The Sunny Island 3.0M/4.4M is the perfect product solution for stand-alone and grid-connected systems with a power output range of 2 to 13 kW.

Furthermore, being a core element in the SMA Flexible Storage System, the Sunny Island stores generated solar power and works with the Sunny Home Manager to manage home energy consumption intelligently.

With its high protection class, wide temperature range and overload capacity, the Sunny Island provides the kind of reliability needed for off-grid use. The intelligent load and energy management ensures operation even in critical situations, such as in the event of high inrush currents or harsh ambient conditions.

Sunny Island 6.0H/8.0H

The Sunny Island 6.0H/8.0H supports a wide range of on-grid and off-grid applications in the 3 to 25 kW rangefrom operation in remote off-grid areas to home energy management.

Furthermore, being a core element in the SMA Flexible Storage System for new and existing PV systems, it stores generated solar power and works with the Sunny Home Manager to manage home and commercial energy consumption intelligently.

Its high protection class, wide temperature range and exceptional overload capacity provide the kind of reliability needed for off-grid use. Intelligent load and energy management keeps the system running even in critical situations.


The Sunny Island offers flexibility in terms of combination with other equipment, which means that the system can be configured precisely to meet the applicable power requirements.

  • Choice of battery: The Sunny Island is compatible with many well-known brands of lithium-ion battery and all lead-acid batteries.
  • Can be retrofitted for single- and three-phase systems
  • Increase system size at any time with SMA multicluster technology


In the SMA Smart Home, the Sunny Home Manager, with the Sunny Island, takes control of intelligent management between the PV system, appliances and storage systems as well as regulates all energy flows.

  • Comprehensive visualization in the Sunny Portal
  • Forecast-based charging
  • Simple planning using planning guidelines and Sunny Design


The Sunny Island is impervious to fine desert sand, high humidity in rainforests and salty mist in coastal regions as well as significant temperature fluctuations. It runs reliably under the most extreme conditions—without compromising its efficiency.

  • Outdoor installation possible thanks to IP 54
  • Wide temperature range
  • Can switch any appliance on
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