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The ANTARIS 4.5 kW / 48 VDC on the way to Russia.

The first of 25 pcs . ANTARIS 4.5 kW / 48VDC small wind turbines on the way to Russia.
The systems are deployed nationwide off-grid, either as stand-alone or in hybrid system with a PV system and a diesel generator in the energy container.

Their bigger sister, the ANTARIS 6.5 kW, 3-phase works there with Sunny Iceland. The AC coupling concept for island networks has proven itself worldwide in many systems in recent years. It is distinguished from conventional concepts through a series of advantages in terms of plant design and construction (design, installation, expandability and compatibility), and it simultaneously reduces the specific system costs. Especially in the electrification of off-grid, remote areas it allows the construction of a future-proof and flexible power supply. Further, under planning projects show the world how important this new technology when configuring an economically working alone grid systems is already and will be in the future. The quality of the power supply in AC -coupled systems is at least equivalent to that in public networks.

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